Two weekends ago…

We went to Atlanta to see David’s youngest brother get married. It was a jam-packed weekend filled with aunts and uncles and cousins and fun. But first, we went to the Georgia Aquarium.

The process it took to get there on an educator’s discount was time-consuming and painful. My recommendation to homeschoolers is to call a month in advance and asked to be transferred directly to the Education Department. There will be MANY other people who tell you they know what they’re talking about, but they don’t. They might be able to rent you the ballroom or organize a conference or something. But education is not their strong point.


Perhaps we will revisit that soapbox in a later post. But for now, HAPPY PICTURES!

Giant grouper.

Touching a stingray.

And the highlight of the trip for the boys: WHALE SHARKS.

These lovely creatures grow to be as big as a schoolbus, and the Georgia Aquarium houses four of them. Their tank is as big as a football field!

Then there was a wedding. And the camera died. And Ben almost threw up at the reception. We’re not really sure why. But Grandma Keller came to the rescue with some Dramamine in her purse and soon he was out on the dancefloor with the rest of his cousins.

We drove home that night, got up the next morning, went to church, and then Ben and I went out on the town for our date to see “The Nutcracker.”

Ben’s favorite part was the dance of the SugarPlum Fairy as well as seeing the orchestra. We were in the third row!

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