Over the past few months our days and weeks have been punctuated with basketball practices and games.  We signed the boys up for Upward Basketball at a nearby church.  They have practice one day a week for their teams, but naturally they are all scheduled on a different night. 

Here is my assistant cheerleader.  She has to be strapped in because she likes “BALL!” s and is not very reliable with staying on her side of the white line.

Prayer before each gametime

Hello, cute basketball player.

I’m open!

I must tell you that this boy has the MEANEST face when he is playing defense.  He gets right up in the opponent’s face and looks ORNERY.  I haven’t been able to catch it on camera yet.  He is also getting a great deal of attention for his fancy footwork.  He will be a Tarheel or a Hoosier and we will call him “Tenacious AP.”  Amen.

Be still, my heart.  Those adorable powder-blue Nikes belong to the only girl on the team, who we will call Sunshine.  She has long blonde pigtails and is not afraid to mix it up with the boys on the court.
Basketball at this age is so funny…most kids just run with the ball and forget to dribble.  Teammates fight like cats and dogs over the ball.  Coaches stand over them and yell, “YOU’RE ON THE SAME TEAM!”.
For his first game Andrew was up against a little boy about a head shorter than him.  I must confess a bit of judgment here because the child walked in and I thought, “Really?!  You’re going to dress your kid like LeBron?!”.  He had the whole getup:  the high socks and the sweatband around his head.  I was inwardly rolling my eyes. 


And that was that.  He schooled our whole team while my husband sat beside me and said, “You just can’t teach that.  You can’t coach that” over and over and over again.

More pictures of the other boys to come…

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