We Started With Meg

Just to finish what I started with this post, I thought I’d kick off the NYC recap with the places we went that you saw there.  To be clear, many of these places would be on our to-visit list with or without Hollywood.  đŸ™‚

here’s the arch where Harry and Sally shook hands
Washington Square
“someone is staring at you from personal growth”
Shakespeare and Co. bookstore
“Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash, but I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie
The Met
“You should wear skirts more.  You look really good in skirts.”
also the Met
I did a little mailing just like Sally Albright
Here is the table at Katz’ deli — see the sign?
It says, “Where Harry Met Sally…hope you have what she had” ha ha ha ha
Meg had an extremely good hair day for being on top of the Empire State on February 14th.  I did not.
Here’s where Meg and Tom Hanks had a hot dog.
 Gray’s Papaya
Here’s where Meg called Tom “nothing but a suit.”
Cafe Lalo
Zabar’s grocery store.  My head exploded several times here.  I still get dizzy just thinking about it.  More later.
Here’s Meg’s “Shop Around the Corner.”  It’s empty.
“Can we save the Shop Around the Corner?!”  APPARENTLY NOT!
And here’s where Meg and Tom (and Brinkley) meet at the end of “You’ve Got Mail.”  It was not quite so snowy then.

7 Responses to “We Started With Meg”

  1. GrandmaK

    This was fun!! And the pics are really great! CathyAnd my word verification is a real word!!! "solve" It's a great day!!!


  2. sunnyrock

    I would like to hug you. Simply because I love each one of those movies (and have memories of either watching them with you or talking about them with you) and well….I got this lovely little heart squeeze… (it could simply be because I feel emotional today, and I really appreciated the cuteness of it all).


  3. Kelly

    Tracy, it's an antiques/cheese shop. Seems like a bad premise. Who wants an old armoire that smells like cheese?!


  4. sunnyrock

    In the same conversation in the coffee shop: Meg: Joe?!? Just call me Joe?! It's like a whole generation of cocktail waitresses with no last names. "Hi, I'm Tiffany! Hi, I'm Jessica!"


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