There’s No Order Here

Today I am posting about something we did late in our vacation week because WE MUST DISCUSS ZABAR’S.

Remember the dizziness?  It was caused by paint buckets of olives…

an entire WALL of cheese (that didn’t count the cheese counter, across the way), barrels of special blend coffee, baked goods, every kind of olive oil under the sun, meats, and anything else you might imagine, and THAT WAS JUST DOWNSTAIRS.

We also did a little “Seinfeld” homage.  Can anyone supply the lines here?



We found aisles and aisles of kitchen toys and gadgets.

 *feeling dizzy*
*head exploding*
*impersonating a Jedi with a large paddle that normal people use to stir beans when they’re cooking over an open flame*
READ THAT!  15 QUARTS!  This is by far the largest Le Creuset I have ever seen.  I lifted the lid, looked inside, and then cried happy tears.
Oh, it was a happy place, my friends…so happy we went back again the next day.

7 thoughts on “There’s No Order Here

  1. I'm jealous on so many levels here… I don't know where to begin! I love that you checked out all the Meg Ryan go-tos, that you got to visit the town Regis lives in, and mostly, that you got a break from the kids!


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