On Tuesday

It snowed.
So we headed here.
The New York Public Library.
This is the entrance to the Rose Reading Room.
Here we sat for an hour or more, reading our books and watching the snow fall all around us.
We also saw the original Winnie-the-Pooh toys, formerly owned by Christopher Robin Milne.  They live in the children’s room at the NYPL.
It is a gorgeous building.
Behind the library is Bryant Park, where fashion week was happening.
Despite all my good intentions, I was not able to meet Tim Gunn or feed Rachel Zoe a ding-dong.
I did not eat this but I thought the name was adorable.
We warmed up with some coffee, and headed to the original Macy’s.
We mailed some postcards from the post office on the top floor of the store.  While we were standing in line, David noticed a sign for a celebration Macy’s was hosting in honor of Black History Month.  Al Sharpton was scheduled to appear in about an hour!  So we walked around for an hour while David said, “Let’s stay!  Let’s stay!  Let’s stay!”  and I said, “Areyoukiddingmethatmanmakesmecrazyweneedtogetoutofhere.”
We compromised by sitting a little ways away from the proposed site of said celebration on lawn furniture and tried to look inconspicuous.
David watched for the Reverend Al while I watched a movie about making oriental rugs (over his shoulder).
I called my friend Sharon, who told me all the questions she’d ask Reverend Al if she got the chance to speak to him.  Those of you who know Sharon know that I giggled my way through that conversation.
He never showed.
So we left.
The End.

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  1. I guessing this is maybe a Sharon we both know, and if so, I would've LOVED to have listened to that! I had no idea the NYPL looked like that! AND had the original Pooh characters! I just turned into a giddy, sentimental little kid! How cool you got to see that!


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