The Great Bridge

Over the last two years, David went on a tear and read all of David McCullough’s books.  One of his favorites was The Great Bridge, which recounts the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Naturally as an engineer he was fascinated to read about the project from beginning to end.
One of the things on our NYC to-do list, then, was to walk over the bridge to Brooklyn and back.
And yes, we brought David McCullough with us.  I was reading 1776 at the time, so we just happened to have a picture with us. 
We are fully aware of our nerdiness.
The views from the bridge are spectacular.
In the center of the bridge, there are plaques recounting the process required to build it.
Here is one commemorating the joining of Brooklyn with Manhattan.
The bridge is dedicated to Emily Roebling, who played a huge role in seeing the project completed.  Her husband and father-in-law were chief engineers; the elder, John, died of tetanus due to an accident at the bridge site, and the younger, Washington, was incapacitated by decompression sickness (“the bends”) and was unable to visit the site.  Emily oversaw the building process each day until it was finished.
“Back of Every Great Work We Can Find the Self-Sacrificing Devotion of a Woman”
This is worth clicking on to enlarge.  These statues of the Roeblings are at the base of the bridge on the Brooklyn side.  My husband is attempting to be a part of their little party.

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  1. You just reminded me that I started 1776 this summer when I was in the mountains. I had to return it to the hometown library before I came back to the big city and never checked it out here to finish…I'm a true nerd – I have four library cards for four library systems so we're never without when we travel 😉


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