Proof of Life

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Feel free to add your entry below by entering a link to your post!  Last week we had FIVE participants…a new record.  Thanks everybody!  This is fun.

3 Responses to “Proof of Life”

  1. Bonnie

    That brings memories back and such a wave of comfort! My children have grown up so fast. Today I collected more children's book at the library: purging so many.They are making room for the ones coming from the closing branches.


  2. Shelley

    How sweet! We have a menagerie here as well. I will miss that as Ben grows up. Thanks for the reminder to just pause and enjoy the beautiful gift of time.


  3. Kelly

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Bonnie, I will have to stop by our library to see if they are doing the same thing! Thanks for the heads-up!


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