Brain Dump

These three weeks at the end of March and beginning of April always throw me for a loop.  Two kids’ birthdays, Easter, and the first hot week of the summer come all together and say to me, “YOU HAVE NO PRESENTS BOUGHT!  MORE FOOD!  MORE BAKING!  YOUR CHILDREN ARE STILL WEARING CORDUROY AND LONG SLEEVES!  AND THERE IS THE SMALL MATTER OF ALL THAT LAUNDRY….”

So here I am to brain dump on you.  Get ready.

I made Smitten Kitchen’s cold-brewed iced coffee yesterday and it is every bit as good as she says.  I am happy that it’s baseball season.  I just realized yesterday that I need to make the list of items we have to do before I officially declare it summer vacation.  I feel like we just started this school year.  Maddie has entered toddlerhood with a vengeance.  I am reading about Abigail Adams right now.  I need a haircut.  Standardized testing week is coming up quickly.  My friend brought me sunflowers last week and they are brightening up my kitchen.  The city gave us new giant recycling bins but we can’t use them until July.  I need to clean up the den because the pattern pieces from Easter are still scattered everywhere.  I am attending my 15th high school reunion next month in Massachusetts.  I love playing Andy Osenga‘s song “Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates” when I’m driving in the sunshine.  I have to take the kids to the dentist this afternoon.  Jerry Bridges has been saying all along everything that the Gospel-centric guys are saying like it’s new.  We have a plant in our fish tank that is thriving so much it’s putting a squeeze on the fish.  I should probably volunteer more.  I didn’t paint my toenails all winter so when I painted them for Resurrection Sunday, I covered up a teeny bit of polish that I applied for my friend Erica‘s wedding in early September, which made me oddly proud.

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  1. i like this post a's comforting knowing i'm not the only one with a thousand random thoughts going through my head at any given time.and i'm not even ADD.


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