I’m Sorry, But I Have An Old Rap Song In My Head Right Now

Every night we put our adorable daughter to bed, pristine in clean, girly pajamas.

She nestles down under her soft pink blanket, knitted for her by her grandmother.

She sucks her thumb quietly and drifts off to sleep without a sound.

Then, about two hours later…


She hits the wall…with some part of her body.  Her head?  Maybe.  Legs?  Arms?  Who knows.

When it happens, we’re usually downstairs in the living room, which is on the other side of that same wall.  We look up at the spot where the noise came from, pause, and then go on with what we were doing.

You see, I used to do the same thing.  My parents tell tales of the horrible wall-whacking noises that would come from my bedroom at night hours after I fell asleep.  My sister, who shared a wall with me, would tell you the same.

Did I wake up?  Nope.

Am I worried about my daughter waking up?  Nope.  She’s got good sleeping genes.

(ten points if you can name the song)

7 Responses to “I’m Sorry, But I Have An Old Rap Song In My Head Right Now”

  1. Laura

    lol….. i was focused on the wrong words. i was wondering how you would put "good genes" in a rap genre!?


  2. Kelly

    Laura, I had to google your answer! I had no idea what you were talking about!! ha ha ha ha!!


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