Dream World

On Thursday morning we went to Cafe Lalo for breakfast.  This gem is on the Upper West Side. 
The moment we exited the subway onto Broadway in this part of town, I channeled
Andie MacDowell in “Groundhog Day” and said “LET’S LIVE HERE!” 
The Upper West Side is still Manhattan, but it’s quiet.  You can hear birds (yes, even in winter).  It’s quiet and a bit roomier than midtown.
We have already discussed the giant cups of coffee and delicious offerings for breakfast.
And we have already covered Zabar’s.  This day was the first of our two visits.
I purchased a special bowl on this day for an adorable friend. 
Around noontime, we boarded a train on the Long Island Railroad to go visit her.  A couple of hours later, we were in a place that looked like this:
Two years ago, Erica was living in Kenya.  Now she lives in Long Island, in a place that most people only dream about vacationing in. 
She married a savvy man who is enrolled at Stonybrook and is good at talking crazy landladies into lower rent deals.
Sadly, though I took a few pictures of the landscape, I got no pictures of Erica.
So you’ll have to go get to know her at her blog.
One thing I got to do at her house was push a car out of the snow.  That was VERY fun.  I’ll tell you the whole story next time.

3 thoughts on “Dream World

  1. yayayay! what a nice day.i use my bowl OFTEN. mixing AND serving because it's tres cute. please don't tell the world how i burnt the dessert.


  2. Another trip to NY! You lead a wonderful life! I haven't been back there in a while ~~ I grew up on the North Shore, sort of near Stonybrook. That is recent snow?And we are so green down here.


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