For the Love of All That is Brief and Pithy

…please, Kelly, finish the NYC recap.  You’ve been home for almost three months now.

OK.  Here you are.  The last one — with the exception of that car-pushing story.  Because that’s worth the stringing-along.

Friday was maybe my favorite day.  We had no agenda, and we knew it was our last day in the city.

What better to do than walk and talk?

We started on the Upper West Side, about which I have already gushed.  We walked up the better part of Riverside Park, where I took the picture you saw at the end of this post.  Then we strolled over to the north end of Central Park, wandering….wandering….

The north end of the park is quieter than the more popular south end.
There are some beautiful formal gardens, after the style of English, Italian, and French gardens.
This was the only day that I wished we were here in springtime.
Children’s fountain dedicated to Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of A Little Princess, Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden.
We trekked down to the sheep meadow.
Kelly on a snowball, in three acts:
This is Belvedere Castle, where the city has a weather station.  
A week after we left, it was reporting 20.9 inches of snowfall.
We enjoyed a glass of wine at the Central Park Boathouse.
Possibly the most famous fountain in NYC…you’ve seen it in the movies.
And by the time night was falling…
we had made it all the way to the other end of the park.
For those of you taking notes, the walk was over 70 blocks.  
But I didn’t whine because I wore the right shoes for walking, unlike this day.
While we walked, we talked about work, the kids, priorities, church, life, friendship…the kind of conversation that doesn’t happen when you’re thinking about who hit whom and where’s that sippy cup and I can’t find the bed under all the clean laundry.
It was lovely.
That night we ate at Katz’s Deli and David posed with Jerry Lewis.
We made a stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar for souvenirs for the kids
And after a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III, we finished our night at Bloomingdale’s.
*contented sigh*

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