Overheard: The "What We Talk About After the Kids Are In Bed" Edition

Scene:  Kelly in kitchen, prepping for Sunday lunch with friends.  David on laptop at kitchen island, prepping Sunday School lesson.  Pandora is serenading us with big band tunes.

David:  You know, there’s a whole version of “Mack the Knife” by Ella Fitzgerald where she claims to forget the words to the second verse and then scats the whole thing.  It’s terrible.

Kelly:  WHAT?!  It’s Ella.  She scats.  It’s what she does.  It’s not terrible.

David:  I’m saying it’s terrible.  And then Frank Sinatra covered it, which is even worse.

Kelly:  I think you need to go to an all-Ella Pandora station and then you will gain an appreciation.

David (over top of Kelly’s last comment):  HOSANNA!*

Kelly begins giggling.

David:  Did you just say that I should go to an Ella concert?

Kelly doubles over giggling.

David:  HOSANNA!*

Harry Connick Jr. comes on, singing “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”

David:  I like Harry.

Kelly:  Mmmm, me too.

David:  He’s so smooth.  I used to want to be him.

Kelly:  I used to want to marry him.  (slight pause)  And now look at us!  I guess we both got what we wanted.

Riotous laughter from both.

David:  What?  HOSANNA!*

*Editor’s Explanatory Note:  Hosanna means “save now.”  Google Docs prompts you to “save now” when you hover over the save button, so David yells “HOSANNA” when he saves his documents.

3 Responses to “Overheard: The "What We Talk About After the Kids Are In Bed" Edition”

  1. Rebecca

    You guys are hilarious! I always loved hanging out and listening to you talk to each other, so kind and so funny…and so much laughter!


  2. Josh and Dana

    Agreed! This makes me love you both all the more! It also makes me mental note: if one is to survive having a large family, one must remember to laugh often…and preferably together. 🙂


  3. katie chen

    Ah, so glad I checked in on your blog tonight! I can SO visualize and hear this whole discussion going down! Sigh, miss you guys. XOXO, KT


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