Scholarship vs. Devotion

Why do we seem to think we must choose between the two?  Why do many Christians live as though they’ve been told, “Choose this day whom you will serve:  scholarship or devotion”?  I maintain that a biblically balanced Christian has both a full head and a full heart, radiating both spiritual light and heat.
If absolutely forced to have only one or the other, we must choose the burning heart.  If we have the truth in our head but our hearts are not right with God, an awareness of the truth will only magnify our guilt before Him at the Judgment.  But if we have properly responded to the gospel from the heart, in the end we shall be saved even though the rest of our doctrinal understanding is shallow or muddy.  Not only would I choose that option for myself, but I would prefer that for those I pastor as well.  It’s much harder to get a ship out of the harbor than to correct one on the sea that has drifted off course.
But let us be both out of the harbor and on course.  Christians must realize that just as a fire cannot blaze without fuel, so burning hearts are not kindled by brainless heads.  We must not be content to have zeal without knowledge.

Don Whitney
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
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