NYC Pictures That Don’t Go Anywhere Else Plus a Word of Thanks

Here’s me getting excited to see Ree’s poster at Chelsea Market
David showing off a giant jawbreaker at Dylan’s Candy Bar
These were on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Couples write their names in sharpie on locks and lock them onto the loops of the bridge.  Kind of like carving your initials in a tree…I thought it was cute.
It made me giggle to find Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life in the “Religious Fiction” section of Barnes & Noble in the Village.
These are the buttons that all the servers at Gray’s Papaya wear.  
I tried to sweet-talk the man into posing for a picture, but he would only allow me to get the button.
This is a picture that I took for my dad and my friend Michelle, because once when we were teenagers Dad totally convinced her that there was a veterinarian named “Dr. Katz,” and he even called and left her messages pretending to be Dr. Katz and it was a running joke for a really, really long time.
I guess you had to be there.
Found at Shakespeare and Co.  What a steal!
This was also at Dylan’s Candy Bar.  There is a wall inside where celebrities fill up a box with their favorite candies and autograph the box.  
I commented to David, “Oh, Brain Cashman likes Raisinets.” 
David replied, “Who’s Brian Cashman?”  
I said, “Exactly.”
(In case you can’t read it, he’s the Yankees’ GM.  And now I have the comfort of knowing that if we ever have the pleasure of watching a movie together, at least Brian and I would agree on Raisinets.)
And now a word of thanks…

First, to my parents, for gifting us with a week at a timeshare in Midtown Manhattan.  The location was one that had we paid for it, would easily have depleted any vacation savings we had.  The fact that the place we stayed was FREE made it possible to do, see, and eat whatever we wanted.
Not only did they give us the week, but they also came down to Charlotte and watched our five kiddos for the majority of the week we were gone, making it easy for me to leave and making it easy for the kids to stay.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Second, thanks go to Andy and Laura, who stayed with the kids for the first weekend that we left.  This couple with no kids of their own even got our five kids dressed and ready for church on time!  A HUGE accomplishment.  They love our kids and take an interest in their welfare just as if they are their own.  Thank you, Laura and Andy.

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  1. MovingtoN

    I think it is great that the first two pictures show us with our mouths in the same shape…


  2. Josh and Dana

    Love it! Especially the Knitting for Man and Dog book. I can't imagine why they didn't sell out of those! They officially have a book for everything. 🙂


  3. sunnyrock

    you funny folks….mr. katz…..i heard they stayed with the first president and mrs. bush up in maine too.


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