School’s Out For Summer

Today is our last day of school!

After today, I will have a rising 4th grader, a rising 3rd grader, a rising 1st grader, and a rising kindergartener in my little school.  I’m getting excited already thinking about the changes for next year.

But first, we celebrate!  Some of the boys are headed to a birthday party tonight, so we’ll be doing a little gift shopping and having an end-of-school lunch at IKEA.

And until August, we’ll be doing a little less of this…

And I hope to be doing a little more of this….

Just for fun, here’s a youtube video I discovered on facebook this morning.  Here’s Emily DeLoach covering “Nothing Compares 2 U,” accompanied by Andy Osenga.

That girl can sing.

5 Responses to “School’s Out For Summer”

  1. sunnyrock

    i like your reading material. you shoudl grab the "stepping heavenward" bible study. it's pretty amazing….


  2. Kelly

    I have it! I've been waiting to do it because I keep giving away my copies of Stepping Heavenward. But now I have a hardcover to keep for myself and I'm going to order a box of paperbacks from CBD to give away.


  3. sunnyrock

    i think that in the hardcover the page number coordinate with the study. i have the $5 paperback and the numbers don't coincide. it'll be easier to follow when the numbers work. you'll have to let me know what you think while you're doing it. a good google chat conversation one day….


  4. Kelly

    Hi Amanda! YES — I used to love Sinead too 🙂 It was fun to have this song running through my head again.Yep, that's Ben! He is pretty cute in his glasses. They've helped a great deal with his reading.


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