I Secretly Approve of This Kind of Disobedience

Last night we got the kids to bed around 8:45 after a long day in the heat — thankfully, a friend’s pool was a big part of our day.

At 9:00 I walked past the boys’ door on my way to the laundry room.  The door was cracked and I could just see by the light of the nightlight my oldest son, hunched over his book, trying desperately to keep reading in the darkness.

I told him to go back to bed…that the nice thing about books is that you can walk away and not miss anything.  They will still be there tomorrow.

“But Mom,” Cameron replied, “they’re just having their first Quidditch match.”

Oh, my dear son…I think you’ve finally been bitten by the bug.

3 thoughts on “I Secretly Approve of This Kind of Disobedience

  1. Not surprisingly, I have a comment on a post about a) reading and b) Harry Potter.Tell Cameron that if he ever gets sad that he has to put the book down that there are still *hundreds* of pages to go in the series. Thousands really, given that he's still in the first book.Of course, that could work against what you're trying to accomplish here – he might get a crazed look and starting considering skipping meals……I've heard people got like that with the HP books. Not me of course. Much too mature and self-controlled. I even heard people – adults! – went to the midnight release for books 6 and 7. Shocking behavior.Where was I? Right, Cameron.When he's done, I highly recommend ND Wilson's "100 Cupboards" series. I've read the first one twice and am saving books 2 and 3 for the honeymoon.And yes, I'm going to read children's books on my honeymoon. Without a trace of shame 😉


  2. I've even heard of some people who were so afraid of having the ending ruined by passers-by that they listened to their ipods the entire time they waited in line…some who listened to the audiobook while they suffered, sick and pathetic, the entire next day and night.Did you see that ND Wilson is doing the screenplay for The Great Divorce? I have mixed feelings about that.


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