A "Tribute" to "Superfluous" Quotation "Marks"

Seen at Mary Jo’s on my birthday.

6 thoughts on “A "Tribute" to "Superfluous" Quotation "Marks"

  1. I read this as meaning it's okay to let them QUOTE run and play because it's only QUOTE dangerous. And the quotes around thank you make it almost feel sarcastic, somehow.


  2. That is funny but I have a serious question. How do children run and play on a wall? They'd have to be, like, spiderman to do that! Just asking is all…


  3. Good question, Amy. It's not the wall they're referring to, it's the shelf. It's a metal step about three inches up and I can see it being a tempting place to stand or sit (or "run and play"). But right next to the shelf are all those little tiny hooks holding buttons and fasteners (this is a fabric store). If a child lost control, those could scratch them up pretty badly.


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