Thoughts on Toy Story 3

This article sums up much of what I thought:  Message to Men:  Yes, it’s OK to cry at Toy Story 3.

But here’s the thing: The new wave of toys is so techno-magical, so advanced, that a lot of them basically do the work for you. They practically do have lives of their own. And that’s where the ending of Toy Story 3 touches something profoundly tender and heartfelt that’s worth getting all choked up over. The movie’s toy heroes seem forever innocent because the kind of play they inspire is innocent. With a Sheriff Woody figure, who does nothing but look straight ahead and say stuff like “There’s a snake in my boot!” when you pull his string, his glory, paradoxically, is that he himself does nothing — that he depends on a child’s imagination to animate him.

 Toy Story 3 is, like the others in the series, more a story about friendship, understanding your purpose, growth, love, and loss than it is a simple kids’ movie.  It was darker than the others — there are many more scary moments and at one point we as the audience are forced to consider the end of our little friends.  I was glad that Jonathan made the decision to opt out of this one.

As with the others, I felt a wave of motherly guilt about getting rid of my children’s toys — few things make me happier than decluttering the toy collection — and quietly wondered if the whole series is secretly sponsored by some kind of pro-hoarding organization.

Anybody else have thoughts on this one?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Toy Story 3

  1. We took Jay for Father's Day and enjoyed it. At one point (towrad the end) I looked over to see Ben, holding his Woody & Buzz, crying and next to him was Jay, tears streaming down his face too. I am sure Ben's reaction didn't help! 😉 The next day Ben had all his animals with him on my bed just wanting to enjoy them. I love a child's imagination!


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