Every Act of Obedience is An Act of Worship

“I only wish I had understood this years ago,” I said.” I have made prayer too much of a luxury, and have often inwardly chafed and fretted when the care of my children, at times, made it utterly impossible to leave them for private devotion-when they have been sick, for instance, or in other like emergencies. I reasoned this way: ‘Here is a special demand on my patience, and I am naturally impatient.  I must have time to go away and entreat the Lord to equip me for this conflict.’ But I see now that the simple act of cheerful acceptance of the duty imposed and the solace and support withdrawn would have united me more fully to Christ than the highest enjoyment of His presence in prayer could.”

“Yes, every act of obedience is an act of worship,” he said.

“But why don’t we learn that sooner? Why do we waste our lives before we learn how to live?”

“I am not sure,” he returned, “that we do not learn as fast as we are willing to learn. God does not force instruction upon us, but when we say, as Luther did, ‘More light, Lord, more light,’- the light comes.”

I questioned myself after he had gone as to whether this could be true of me. Is there not in my heart some secret reluctance to know the truth, lest that knowledge should call to a higher and holier life than I have yet lived?

Stepping Heavenward, Elizabeth Prentiss

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