Prayer Please

Instead of Proof of Life, I have two quick prayer requests for you today.

One, my grandfather (who you can see here) was admitted to the hospital a week ago with a blood clot on his brain.  After a lot of questions, the story came out that three weeks ago he fell off a hay wagon and hit his head.  The doctors believe that the safest route at this point is to operate, which they will most likely do tomorrow morning.  There is the concern that surgery and hospitals in general make him crazy/terrified, and also the very simple fact that he is 91 years old.  Yes, 91 and still climbing hay wagons.

Two, our dear friend and pastor Steve has been having seizures all weekend.  He has an unexplained condition where he has seizures, but they usually occur once every 4-6 weeks, and usually he just has one.  Since Thursday he’s had at least six.  He and his wife Suni have shipped out the kids to the grandparents and are just riding it out right now.  Please pray for Steve’s healing and for peace of mind for both of them.

3 Responses to “Prayer Please”

  1. Darla

    Kelly, I certainly will be praying for your grandpa and pastor.These are the hard providences in life aren't they? Yet God is still on the throne….miss your family…love to read your blog ocassionaly


  2. Tracy Novick

    Pop was much reassured once they explained that this surgery didn't involve them taking off the top of his head…:)


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