Whatever You Do…

The only true way to live in this world, constituted just as we are, is to make all our employments serve the one great end and aim of our existence, namely, to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.  But in order to do this we must be wise taskmasters, and not require of ourselves what we cannot possibly perform.  Recreation we must have.  Otherwise, the strings of our soul, wound up to an unnatural tension, will break.

Stepping Heavenward, p 68
This was one of my “take-aways” from the Childlight conference in June — the idea that God is served in our rest and play as much as in our work.  It is easy for us to require more holiness of ourselves in the form of greater tasks, more business, more activity — but this activity quickly becomes dry and fruitless if we do not give our thoughts and tasks the space, time, and air in which to thrive.  Clarity of mind often comes with wide open space.
I have said jokingly in the past that in order to be my friend, you must read Stepping Heavenward.  I am reading it again for perhaps the eighth or tenth time (really!), and every time I find new gems and new application.  It is a great book for practical theology. 

3 Responses to “Whatever You Do…”

  1. Melanie

    This quote as struck a mark with me. "Our soul, wound up to an unnatural tension…" sounds very familiar, unfortunately. I need to read this book. I haven't yet. Can I still be your friend?;-)


  2. Kelly

    Me too, Melanie. We are cut from the same cloth.Yes, you can still be my friend as long as you take this as your homework assignment.Yay, Sonia!


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