Happy International Left-Handers Day

Frank Deford marks it by talking sports and lefties:

Trust me, if you are a young parent and you want to give your son every advantage — spending a fortune sending him to all the right schools, and teaching him all sorts of cultural skills — just save your money.
Instead, tie his right arm behind his back as soon as he gets out of the crib and teach him to be a left-handed relief pitcher, and that kid of yours will still be making a good living pitching when you’re in assisted living — him paying your way. A left-handed reliever can go on forever.

Hmm…too bad this advice wasn’t a few years earlier.

One thought on “Happy International Left-Handers Day

  1. He's not wrong. The only reason this 5'10" 135lb high school senior got a spot on his college team was because my left arm was the one I used to throw a baseball.Not a huge market for short and skinny right handers….;)p.s. Here are some classic Sox LH reliever names, others can add to the list. I'll give my two favs – Joe Sambito, Tony Fossus.


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