How Kelly Took Over the Dining Room

This is my desk.  It has been my desk since elementary school, when my parents bought it for me.  It now lives in the schoolroom with a computer on top.  I want to paint it eventually.
This is the spot where the desk used to live, in the den.  David and I both had desks in there.  Now he has it to himself.
Back to the schoolroom.  It’s blue now.  I should show you that sometime.
At the same time, I switched out this table…
…with this dry sink.  This thing weighs about a thousand pounds.  But I like it in the entryway better than the dining room.
And then I shoved the table over to the window and made it my desk.  The morning sun comes in to greet me every day, as I sit amongst things that I love, like…
…my paperweight from Erin
…my little reading lady from David…
…my basket of books…
…and my little crock of pens.  This was my Mom’s.  She always kept ketchup in it and one day my dad put it on his English muffin, expecting jam.  Sad.
 Thus ends the tale of How Kelly Took Over the Dining Room.

4 thoughts on “How Kelly Took Over the Dining Room

  1. Three things I like (there are a lot of things that I like about this, but I'll stick to three): 1-that you still have your desk from when you were a kid. I had one that looked similar, and it's still upstairs in my parents house. 2-the Stepping Heavenward Bible study that it's in your nifty basket. 3-that your mom kept ketchup in the little crock and your dad put it on his english muffin. I laughed out loud, because I could picture the scene/conversation in my head.


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