Muddy Waters

This past Saturday, as I was working on a valance for the schoolroom window, I turned on the livestream for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC. Why? A few reasons, I guess. Number one, plain old curiosity. Number two, I am still trying to understand his appeal as nearly everyone around me adores him. But for all my trying, I don’t get it.

As I listened on Saturday, I became more confused. The message seemed muddled. Was this a political rally? Was it a religious rally? What was the point? I couldn’t figure it out. Add to that the fact that Albert Pujols received an award for honesty and integrity — I can’t shake the suspicion that he’s on PEDs — and you’ve got enough reasons for me to get good and frustrated. I finally turned it off after forty minutes.

That was why, on Sunday, when the article below hit my Google reader, I was overjoyed. Sobered, yes. But I FINALLY felt like somebody SAID IT!  I was so shaken that I linked to it on facebook, my only comments being:  “WOW.  Yes.”

Please, if you haven’t already, prayerfully read Dr. Moore’s take on the current climate of Evangelical Christianity in America.

God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck

It’s taken us a long time to get here, in this plummet from Francis Schaeffer to Glenn Beck. In order to be this gullible, American Christians have had to endure years of vacuous talk about undefined “revival” and “turning America back to God” that was less about anything uniquely Christian than about, at best, a generically theistic civil religion and, at worst, some partisan political movement.

3 Responses to “Muddy Waters”

  1. Jennie

    I read a similar article, Kelly. Find myself confused by him or rather his appeal to so many professing Christians. Its saddens me to think that the state of the Church is so weak as to overlook the MAJOR theological differneces she has with Mr. Beck's brand of faith. Kudos to you for being so bold to go against the grain a bit! 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    So now the question for us as believers AND citizens becomes – "So what are we to DO ?"I believe the answer is that we need not mourn that Beck does not preach the Gospel as we know it and believe it. Rather we should revel that someone has returned the discourse to a discussion which includes a diety other than ourselves. It is really an OPPORTUNITY for believers to become active in both the public and spiritual discourse that Beck has now opened for us.Moore implies this, but it needs to be the message that everyone takes from this event. As Isaiah said: "Here I am – send me."Pop


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