Since almost all of the pictures around here are of the kiddies, I thought today I’d surprise you with a photo of some other people, who celebrated their eleventh anniversary about a month ago:

(get it?  one-one.  eleven.)
We went out to dinner in Uptown and then walked over to the McGlohon Theater to see a free performance of Othello — that feel-good tragedy by Will Shakespeare where a husband ends up strangling his wife.  Great anniversary fare, don’t you think?
By the way, I bought the dress at Ann Taylor Loft for ten bucks.  I came downstairs and Andrew told me I looked like a cheetah.  I say that’s a WIN!

5 Responses to “One-one”

  1. Tracy Novick

    I was in fact going to ask you about the dress, though I was not going to say cheetah. But take the compliments where they come. Congratulations!


  2. Rebecca

    I'm still getting used to seeing your hair so dark, Kelly Sue! It's beautiful and you guys are such a lovely couple. Can't believe it's been 11 years! Congrats!


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