Since almost all of the pictures around here are of the kiddies, I thought today I’d surprise you with a photo of some other people, who celebrated their eleventh anniversary about a month ago:

(get it?  one-one.  eleven.)
We went out to dinner in Uptown and then walked over to the McGlohon Theater to see a free performance of Othello — that feel-good tragedy by Will Shakespeare where a husband ends up strangling his wife.  Great anniversary fare, don’t you think?
By the way, I bought the dress at Ann Taylor Loft for ten bucks.  I came downstairs and Andrew told me I looked like a cheetah.  I say that’s a WIN!

5 thoughts on “One-one

  1. I'm still getting used to seeing your hair so dark, Kelly Sue! It's beautiful and you guys are such a lovely couple. Can't believe it's been 11 years! Congrats!


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