You’re Not Too Good to Shop at Goodwill

Yesterday I had maybe one of my best-ever trips to Goodwill.  In the picture above, please find:

5 boys’ long-sleeved dress shirts
7 pint sized mason jars (I am mildly obsessed with mason jars of all shapes and sizes)
6 tiny canning jars with lids
8 single-subject notebooks
15 folders with various sports on the front
4 large containers Elmer’s school glue
3 pairs children’s scissors
1 name brand air filter for furnace

My total at the register?  Thirty-five dollars and change. 

It looked like Target had unloaded their leftover school supplies to this store.

Do you think women in ancient times came back to the village and bragged about how much they had bartered for?

4 Responses to “You’re Not Too Good to Shop at Goodwill”

  1. Beth

    I love Goodwill. I went to the University AND Poplar Tent stores yesterday and found just what i wanted…a funky wood plaque/mirror/holder thingy that is going to become a thread holder. We also scored some wonderful shirts and Joel got shorts, too. For cheap.And yes, I bet those ancient women did brag on their bartering victories!


  2. Jennie

    I went to the University GW yesterday too and found just what I was looking for: a cute name-brand Demin Jacket and a pair of cowboy-ish boots, which I wore to the Sugarland concert last night! For good measure, I threw in a new handbag and shirt!Total bill: $16.52! I love Goodwill


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