Run Away! Run Away!

This weekend I am attending a women’s retreat with about twenty other ladies from my church.  We are going to the mountains, and –joy of all joys– it is supposed to be COOL there.  Last year it was inappropriately warm and humid.  And though I acknowledge the sovereignty of God over the weather, I say, what good is a trip to the mountains if it’s like that?!  No sweaters…no cold mornings…boooo.  It looks to be different this year, Lord willing.

The word “retreat” nearly always reminds me of the military command from Monty Python’s The Search for the Holy Grail, where Arthur would order retreats by shouting “RUN AWAY!  RUN AWAY!”.  I’m thinking of asking my doctor about this British humor disorder.

Anyway, your prayers would be appreciated for the community of women in attendance, as well as for my husband who will be manning the fort here alone.

(what is the deal with the military references, Kelly?!)

Just one other thing to tell you…last night as David taught our small group, Maddie sat sweetly in her rocking chair next to him and sang her new melodious tune called “My Poop Smells Bad.”  Really.  If you want to know the words, you just repeat the title over and over and ascend the musical scale with each repeat.

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