Because You Come Here For All the Hard-Hitting Questions

Over the past few months, Laura and I have been working in fits and spurts to get her nursery set sewed

We recently began work on that thing that rests under the mattress and drapes downward to hide dust/mess/monsters under the bed.

Right now you’re thinking, “Wow, Kelly, you usually have no shortage of words on this blog; why are you calling it ‘that thing that rests under the mattress and drapes downward to hide dust/mess/monsters under the bed’?”

Well.  Because, my friends, Laura and I call it different things.  She calls it a “bed skirt” and I call it a “dust ruffle.”  It has become a joke, actually.  One of us will say, “Hey, you want to work on the dust ruffle this week?”.  And the other will say, “Yeah, let’s get going on that bed skirt.”

In order to resolve this question, I am posting a poll in the sidebar where you can all tell me what you call it.  I have my suspicions on who will win (her), and I’m just letting you all know that if and when that happens, I will promptly blame my backwards New England-y speech on my mother (hi, mom!).

7 Responses to “Because You Come Here For All the Hard-Hitting Questions”

  1. mommytodd

    Ummmm how do you vote for both. On a crib it is a dust ruffle but if it is on a adult bed it is a bed skirt. It just depends on the location and application.


  2. Rebecca

    Dust ruffle does sound like the New Englander's version and is what I call it on my kids' beds. But our king bed has a bed skirt. I can't account for the difference. 🙂


  3. Woodpile Mom

    Hmmm! I too say both. If it has ruffles I call it a dust ruffle. If it is a tailored pleated one I call it a bed skirt. We are being so helpful. lol


  4. The DeBruhl Family

    kelly, you are winning so far!!!i must confess that last night I was talking to Andy about the completion of the bed skirt and accidentally called it a dust ruffle! I gasped in disbelief after I said it and corrected myself! =) All this debating has made me crazy! =)


  5. angela

    i dont think you should have said what you call it. Kelly. Clearly people are voting to be just like you… and really, who wouldn't want to be? 😉


  6. Heather

    Growing up my mom always called it a dust ruffle, so that's where my mind goes to first. But, I think I may use bed skirt sometimes too. Dust ruffle is first in my mind my though!


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