Odds and Ends

  • I could not be more happy that today is the day that I really, nuts-and-bolts, heavy nitty-gritty details, PLAN THANKSGIVING DINNER.  Oh joy.  But it is getting warmer over the next few days which really spoils the mood for me.  Would setting up the table outside be too ambitious?  I’m afraid we’ll all overheat in the house.

  • I realize that many of you are waiting to hear about Italy; I assure you I took many pictures but there is a bit of a snag with the computers around here.  Technology hates us.

  • The moment I hit the ground in North Carolina I began sneezing, and now I CAN’T HEAR YOU.  I AM ALSO HAVING DIFFICULTY CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE.

  • We recently changed quite a bit in the house…painted the downstairs (finally!), and switched the bedrooms around.  David and I have the master bedroom back — at the children’s request, not ours.  But I assure you I am loving having that closet back.  Wow, I feel like a wealthy woman.

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