Here are some pictures from my day in Florence.  It started with a two hour train ride from Milan to Florence, during our group of seven chatted the time away.  It went very quickly!

This is the outdoor market — it spans the length of about two streets, with several sides streets full as well.  Every stall is overflowing with merchandise:  glassware, leather, ceramics, etc.  The merchants frequently call you over to buy something. 

Here is the Duomo in Florence — a building I have wanted to see for most of my life.  It is GIGANTIC.  Pictures cannot convey how small you feel when you’re near it.  The plaza in front was filled with tourists snapping photos.

Me and Kristin in front of the Duomo

See?  It’s big.

This is a scene from the piazza where we ate lunch.

This is Ponte Vecchio — a street spanning a bridge, largely filled with jewelry stores.

Every time I saw the Medici name, I took a picture.  Thank you Medici family for being faithful art patrons!

This was taken on Ponte Vecchio

Just some random street art
I am going to bore you all with a second post about Florence because we went up into the Duomo and it was a crazy/wonderful time.  Crazy along the lines of “claustrophobic.”

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  1. Ahem, IMHO, it is impossible for posts about Florence to be boring. Love it all. Especially that I have a picture in almost the exact same spot as you and your friend in front of the Duomo.Tell me you went to the Baptistery too. I loved it even more than the actual Duomo.


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