40 Reasons

40.  He likes to dance, especially with me.
39.  He comes off as serious but shocked the youth group on Friday night when he unexpectedly went into a rap solo.
38.  He is tall.
37.  He likes to read and began reading fiction voluntarily only when I started suggesting books.
36.  He is like, wicked smart.
35.  He works really hard.  If he lost his job tomorrow, I’m pretty sure he would go apply at a gas station if he had to.
34.  He is very responsible with money.  I have never worried a single day in our marriage about money.
33.  He takes sin seriously.
32.  He is a minimalist.
31.  His favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
30.  He is really funny.
29.  He is not a slob, but he doesn’t really care how he looks.
28.  He loves the Gospel.
27.  He likes the same kind of music as me.
26.  He supports my hair-brained dreaming/scheming ideas most of the time.  At those times when he doesn’t, it’s because I really need to be pulled back to earth.
25.  He painted our entire two-story living room/entryway in one weekend this fall with no scaffolding — only a BIG ladder — and refused to stop until it was done.
24.  He drives a car with no air conditioning and doesn’t really care that much (see #32).
23.  He can draw really well.  No one knows this about him.
22.  He is a history nerd like I am.
21.  He tells a really good story, using sound effects when necessary.
20.  He makes up nicknames for our kids.
19.  He makes up silly songs all the time.
18.  His priorities are in the right order.
17.  He has a pretty amazing ability to boil everything down and get right to the heart of the matter.
16.  Even though I like to be experimental in the kitchen, he has simple taste and is happy if I make boxed macaroni and cheese.
15.  He can fix almost anything but knows when he should just get a new one.
14.  He leads by serving.
13.  He is not afraid of emotion.
12.  He roots for the Denver Broncos, the Chicago Cubs, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the Indiana Hoosiers…in that order.
11.  He does not snore.
10.  He can refrain from running for months and then go out and run six miles like it’s nothing.
9.  He is patient with me.
8.  He takes one of our boys out for breakfast every Saturday morning.
7.  He hates to be sung to in restaurants.  I find this fact hilarious.
6.  He does not blame shift.  If it’s his fault, he will say so.
5.  He continues to learn every day — how to work better, how to listen better, how to manage his work team better, how to pray better…
4.  He does a great Frank Sinatra impression.
3.  He does not do inane things to “prove he’s a man.”
2.  He loves his children and his wife deeply and fervently.
1.  He has a deep desire for the glory of God.


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