School Days Coat

The recent snowstorm here in Charlotte gives me the perfect opportunity to show you what I spent many a late night in December making:  The Oliver & S Schooldays Coat.

After reading Amy’s post on how she sews a coat for her daughters each fall, I decided that a coat would be a better investment of my time instead of making a Christmas dress that might see one or two days’ use.

I wanted to do wool, so off to Mary Jo’s I went one Saturday to fall in love with this plaid.  PLAID.  It must be matched.  I temporarily lost my mind in choosing this for the most complex sewing project I’ve ever attempted.  But now that it’s done, I love it!  It is fully lined and has a detachable insulated jacket inside for extra warmth.

The goal of keeping this little girl warm made me press on and get it done in good time.

This was my first time working with an Oliver & S pattern and I highly recommend them.  The pieces came together beautifully and the directions were wonderfully specific.

8 Responses to “School Days Coat”

  1. Beth

    Kelly,It's gorgeous! You did a beautiful job!!! I know you must feel a great deal of satisfaction every time Maddie wears her coat. Love the snow pictures, too!


  2. Jennie

    I love the coat! Simply stunning! I know Maddie appreciated having it to keep her warm during our snow!!


  3. Betsy

    The coat is beautiful – a work of art- and you are a patient and determined mom and seamstress!! Oh, and Maddie is absolutely adorable!! What great pictures. 🙂


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