Winter Beauty

The neighborhood is still coated today, but the sun came peeking out this morning to play off the glassy branches.
The birds came out this morning, too.  The following pictures were all taken in the span of five minutes….
you can see the sad state of our birdfeeder after the ice storm.  I went out and set it to rights this morning.
You can see Mrs. Bluebird in the shadow here.  This was the first morning I’d seen the pair.  I hope they stay and raise their kids here.

4 Responses to “Winter Beauty”

  1. Darla

    These are beautiful!! Do you have a special camera? Tatum is saving for a rally nice camera….a Canon perhaps


  2. Kelly

    Darla, I have a Pentax DSLR. I did splurge on a good zoom lens and that's what I used on these pictures.I would love a Canon or a Nikon, though….


  3. Kt

    So great to see the seasons through your lens, Kelly! We love watching the birds here, too.


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