Double Digits

This boy…

  • was born on his due date, like only 5% of babies
  • lived in the hospital under one presidential administration and at home under another (he was released at noon on Inauguration Day, 2001)
  • was watched carefully during the time he was in utero — we heard words like “emergency,” “heart failure,” “heavy medication,” and “complications.”
  • had an EKG on his second day of life that showed his heart beating perfectly
  • watched the planes hit the Twin Towers while he played with Mom on the floor in front of the TV
  • had surgery at eight months of age to correct a cleft palate
  • taught his parents a great deal about the concept of children belonging to the Lord
  • was a big brother before he could walk
  • had lived at five different addresses before his fourth birthday
  • is a natural leader
  • is a quick study
  • is intense in everything he does
  • prefers reading his Bible to any school book
  • resembles his father the most — in personality and appearance
  • is shorter than his closest younger brother, but still has the largest feet
  • can build Lego structures in record time
  • is a very concrete, serious thinker
  • asks hard questions
Cameron, we thank the Lord for His faithfulness in giving you life together with us for ten years!  You are a blessing.

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