One Thousand Gifts

Last Monday, the day my oldest child turned ten, I decided to attempt to live with my eyes more open.

Living with my eyes more open to gifts in gratitude.

As we watched the video above together, my daughter took up her pen and began to write.

And as if she had been sent from above as a messenger to wake me up, she turned to me when the music finished and said, “Count, Mommy. Count.”

Count. She meant the circles that she drew on the page. I took it to mean something more.

So I will begin counting today.

  1. Grace
  2. Dark mornings of quiet
  3. Warm blankets
  4. Ten years with this boy
  5. An extra boy in the house this weekend
  6. A husband who gives me freedom to be creative with our home
  7. Teenagers who listen to the Word of God being taught
  8. Repentance
  9. Prayer times
  10. Faithful men
  11. Mason jars with candles inside
  12. Guests who linger long into the afternoon
  13. Potty training success
  14. Milestones — ten years exactly of diaper duty
  15. Little girl giggles and dances
  16. Health
  17. A friend due to give birth this week
  18. A date to look forward to tonight

Two wiser women than I have preceded me in this gratitude exercise.  You will be blessed if you visit Beth and Bonnie.
And special thanks to Ann, whose book I look forward to reading.

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