Forza Varese!

Sunday is game day for Italian basketball!  Here are some shots of the game we got to attend — a real highlight for David and me.
Here is the opposing team’s fan section.  You may notice the yellow tape and security personnel.  Those are for their protection.

Another section for the opposite team — this one encloses them in plexiglass.

Here’s a shot of the team’s fan club section.  Their leader (wth the mic) looked like a small Italian Peter Furler.  This section stands and yells through the entire game.  The best comparison I can make is the student section at Chapel Hill or the Cameron Crazies, except those sections might get quiet when the ball leaves their end of the arena.  These people yell, sing, bang on drums, and cheer WITHOUT STOPPING.  They even compose little songs for each player.

The song for this man goes “Jobey! Jobey Thomas! La lalalala…”
(sung to the theme song from The Flintstones)
It was fun for us to see Jobey really play — he’s not really supposed to play when he’s home here in Charlotte, so up until this time we’d only seen him shoot around.

Here is the gigantic flag that kept hitting David in the head.

The team won and Jobey scored 19!

Post-game interview

Sweet friends

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