One Thousand Gifts 1.31.11

Today is the last day of January.  This past week was one of extremes.  On the same day that my dear friend Laura was laboring and welcoming her new gift, David was walking employees back and forth from meetings where they were informed the company no longer needed them.

Overall, the company laid off close to fifty employees on Thursday.  We are of course thankful that David still has a place there, but sad for those who have left or are leaving in the next few months.

It was a day when I felt the weight of the extremes of the human existence so acutely — such joy and such sadness.  A new baby’s cry and a single mom’s tears over how she might provide for her kids.

Thankful today for:

19. catching up with faraway friends, one in Ohio and one in Italy
20. increased courage
21. increased truth-telling
22. gracious ears
23. hope
24. faithful friends
25. growth in my children
26. pinewood derby cars, father-son bonding
27. soup, a nourishing gift from a friend
28. routines
29. fresh air and warmth — close to 70 yesterday!
30. watching my daughter fawn over “Ella baby”
31. steady employment and favor with bosses

Finally, I wanted to include this because it’s how I’m feeling this morning:

3 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts 1.31.11”

  1. Woodpile Mom

    Beautiful, Kells. so much pain and celebration all in the same day. Know it was hard on David. Going to start the 1000 gifts myself in written record. I try to do this verbaly every day, but Ann has really encouraged me to write it down. Something about it being on paper as you are such an example of.


  2. Rebecca

    I feel for David having been in a similar position at Campbell's in the HR department that laid off about 150 people. It was awful. Then I got laid off. 🙂 Soooo glad David's job is safe and you're finding the beauty in the little things.


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