Overheard — Sound of Music Edition

Over the Christmas holiday, I watched “The Sound of Music” with the boys and Maddie one night.

First off let me say that Maddie was ENRAPTURED.  She could not look away.  I think she would have watched the whole thing if it weren’t so late.

Upon watching “I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen,” the older boys covered their eyes and groaned about kissing.  Jonathan said, “Mom, I am going to watch the whole thing WITH KISSING.”  They all thought Leisl’s reaction was hilarious.  (Remember?  She walks to the door of the gazebo and goes, “WEEEE!”)

Perhaps their favorite moment of the whole movie was when the kids fall out of the boat while excitedly greeting the Captain.

And my personal favorite…
Maria is processing across the Abbey courtyard in her wedding gown and veil, followed by the sisters.

Jonathan turned to me and said, “Mom!  Look at all those black women!”.

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