One Thousand Gifts 2.14.11

Well, what a couple of weeks we’ve had.  Two weeks ago the whole family came down with the seasonal flu — everyone except for me.

This time last week I was thinking about calling the pediatrician because Jonathan wasn’t bouncing back from the flu very quickly whereas everyone else had.

Little did I know that a week later I would be sitting in my son’s hospital room listening to an IV pump and nursing him back to health after an appendectomy.

Thankful today for

32. an attentive pediatrician who sent us back to the hospital after we were discharged the first time
33. a quick, simple, laproscopic procedure
34. antibiotics. I am usually wary of them but this time around I am embracing them with my whole being 🙂
35. a decent hospital cafeteria
36. wireless internet in the hospital
37. having Ann’s book along with me
38. a church family who has fed us, watched our other four kids, shuttled them back and forth to the hospital, and been incredibly supportive and helpful in general
39. a truly wonderful view from our room
40. the rooftop garden and 60 degree temps yesterday
41. my husband, who has embraced fully his Mr. Mom role for most of the last week and even remembered to dress our daughter in her Valentine’s dress for church yesterday
42. Jonathan’s progress so far…eating, walking, and building more Lego sets
43. our ability to participate in a study for oral antibiotics so J does not need to have a pic line put in today
44. hospital volunteers who filled his days with homemade valentines and candy
45. seeing the ministry that my children are to one another, how beneficial they are to each other

46. prayers from around the country and across the world
47. visitors each day
48. sweet nurses
Thanks to each of you for your prayers and support this past week.  I think we are headed home today.

7 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts 2.14.11”

  1. sonia

    Tears! And more tears!!This post has been such an encouragement to me. I "get" you, sister:) From #34 to #45 I "get" you. #41 is pretty great too:)


  2. Andy

    so glad to hear he doesn't have to have the pic line! I know that was a source of concern for you AND that wouldn't be fun for him either! He looks much more alert than when we were there! Continuing to pray for you all and looking forward to seeing you all back in our regular environments! We didnt get to go to church last night… it was a rough day for the little one! She finally took her first full nap (longer than 30 minutes) at 5 oclock in the evening so we didnt disturb it!Love you all!


  3. sonia

    One more thing. I have been SO hoping and praying your church family would serve you in that way:) Praise God they have. Good for them!


  4. Craig

    I’m here today from Ann’s. I know it’s Thursday and the linky is on Monday – but getting through them all to get to yours took some time :)First –Just said a quick prayer for you and yours – this has been a rough time for you – I can only guess – hope you don’t mind.And my fave from your list? 45. seeing the ministry that my children are to one another, how beneficial they are to each other (through the sibling rivalry and squabbles to come – they will always be that for each other – their bond will be rock solid tight)God Bless and Keep You and yours


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