Sleeping Underneath the Same Big Sky

Longtime readers of my blog will remember that for about two years we switched rooms with the kids, meaning that the four boys had our master bedroom and we had one of the smaller rooms.  We rearranged again just recently, but the change is not yet complete.

Part of the problem is that I have Blogger’s Disease, which means that if there is something blog-worthy that should be photographed, I don’t want the opportunity to pass me by.

The back story on the photo:  while the boys were in the master bedroom, it was a spaced-themed room.  We had a solar system hanging from the ceiling.

Which is why for months, David and I have been sleeping in a room that looks like this:

Isn’t it romantic?

Now that you’ve all seen it, I think I’ll take them down.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Underneath the Same Big Sky

  1. I have blog fever too. I have lots of pictures that I've never posted because I've never had time to write the stories! You. Me. Same. Cloth. :-)At least you have your room back…


  2. Oh! That's totally what I wanted our bedroom to look like (minus the planets)! The greyish walls with whiteish bedding!! Ours, however, turned out with a light periwinkle paint (left over from Natty's room) and grey bedding, thanks to there not being much to choose from here… It's nice, but yours is better. 🙂 Workin' on cool pillows made out of used clothing…


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