Announcements…A Terrible Way to Die

(The title is a song that the boy scouts taught us at the boys’ pinewood derby a few weeks back.  Do you know it?)

Two Important Announcements!

One, we are hosting a house concert next month!  Andy Gullahorn will be filling our abode with tunes for one evening in March.  If you’re interested in coming, contact us.  It’s on the 24th (a Thursday) at 7:30.  Admission is $15 a head.

Two, before Christmas, I made a promise to my friend Erica that I would do a winter version of Coldsaladpalooza.  The winter edition was to have been for soup.  You can see how well I have kept that promise.  Poor pregnant Erica has been sliding into snowbanks and getting stuck and having conflicts with mean oil truck drivers and I have been of no assistance in the soup department.  Erica sent me this hilarious link from the Onion as a gentle reminder.

So even though it is close to 70 at 9:30 this morning and looks to be a gorgeous spring day, I am announcing that next week I will be looking for links to your favorite soup creations.  I will christen this Great Festival of Soupiness to be Soupilee.  Look for a linky on Tuesday.  Because you know the snap back to cold is coming, Southerners.

If nothing else, you will be a great help to my friend Lisa in the southern hemisphere as she looks to the approaching fall.

Have a great weekend!

5 Responses to “Announcements…A Terrible Way to Die”

  1. Erica

    a) housing a home concert is really hip. he is the funny one, right, with the song about a toe? i have some of his tunes . . . i enjoy them . . . if i was closer, i'd be there!!b) soupapalooza! at long last. we've banned chili from the house because we just had it too many times!! ironically, we are headed to the beach tomorrow and kentucky after that, and i'm hoping to see NO SNOW on the ground when we return. however, they say you're not safe until st. patrick's day so i'm not getting too excited just yet. long live the south!


  2. Scotty and Lisa

    Yay- thanks Kelly! Can't wait for the recipes to pour in. Scotty will be happy for more soup- growing up in Florida,I never got into the soup too much.


  3. Kelly

    Melanie, he's coming to Charlotte with Andy P the next night so he offered to drive out a day early and do a house show for us. We're excited!Thanks, Becca. Right back at ya.Erica, I am sorry to say that it snowed on the morning of my sister's wedding, APRIL NINETEENTH. Yes. You are not safe. But the good news is, spring snow melts faster.Lisa, hope it helps!


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