One Thousand Gifts 2.28.11

This week was one of catching up…laundry, schoolwork, emails, calendars, connections with friends, reading, cleaning, and the like.  I lost focus a time or two and found my chest getting tight with stress over how everything would get done.

To close out my week I left behind the to-do list and sat for hours in a room with sisters in Christ and learned how to quilt.  Our finished products will go to local new moms in need of help, and the lady who will deliver our quilts wept as she told us how she treasured the thought of carrying a homemade quilt to the hospital to welcome a new little one.  What a great way to remember why we’re here.

Thankful today for…

67. more warm days
68. learning and teaching
69. Aldi. What a practical one. I feed my family on so much less money because I shop at this store.
70. students who grow more diligent by the year
71. my noisy sewing machine; it has served me faithfully these eleven years
72. rotary cutters and self-healing mats
73. big tables for work
74. tulips and daffodils making their appearance
75. a positive report from the pediatric surgeon at Jonathan’s follow-up
76. ladybugs
77. a Valentine’s day party with friends old and new
78. our small group community
79. my husband’s ministry to younger men around him
80. good books

Maddie enjoying her Valentine’s day cake pop

4 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts 2.28.11”

  1. Craig

    I’m here from Ann’s this morning.And amen – so hard to find the time for it all – how you do it, be a mom, a blogger, be involved as you are – a cape and some red boots may be in the offing. And if I have to pick just one from your list, I pick: 78. our small group community (so important – the small groups. The best, closest times of fellowship I hava ever had in a church have all been those spent with my small group people – amen)These words made me smile. Thank you.God Bless you and all of yours


  2. Cora from Hidden Riches

    What a wonderful ministry!!!! I'm sure those quilts are treasured by those who are wrapped in the love put into the making of them! So glad I stopped by today. I was truly blessed!


  3. Betsy

    Time out for quilting was definitely rewarding but you put a different lens on it for me. Thank you! I didn't think of it as time out until you said that… It is wonderful to realize we are a part of something much bigger (and far greater) than we are.


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