A Few Little Homeschooling Necessities

Here’s a peek inside our schoolroom for a few things I couldn’t — or rather, wouldn’t like to — do without.

#1 Cuisinaire Rods.  We use these all the time in first grade math.
Here Andrew is using them to find different number combinations that add to eight.  They lay a good foundation of number sense for the years to come.
#2  Hello, Post-it flags.  You complete me.  You serve as bookmarks for children who lose bookmarks.  And also me who loses bookmarks.  You are kind to the pages of books and never rip them.
There you are, doing your job.  Sigh.  Thanks.  Your greatness is surpassed by few office products.
(Yikes.  Does anyone else think we need a new tabletop and maybe a few new binders?)

#3 Classic, really sharp yellow #2 pencils.  I just have an old-school need for these babies.  Also visible in this picture is #4, my Well-Planned Day planner.  This planner has spaces for four kids for every subject every day.  Please don’t ask me what I’m going to do when kid number five gets into school.  Right now I’m banking on kid number one taking care of his own plans by that time.

#5 Headphones!  These sweet creations enable kids doing math on the computer to coexist with other kids doing reading lessons with Mom.

#6  This is nice, too.  I drink decaf so I guess you could say it’s not a necessity but it sure makes the day more pleasant.

4 Responses to “A Few Little Homeschooling Necessities”

  1. sonia

    Oh my goodness! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our headphones! They really help our girls (Olivia) focus on a task. We use them for Leap Frog Tag books. She seems much like me and distracts easily so it's so nice to see her sitting quiet and content:)


  2. Kelly

    Yes, KT, we do. This was our first year and I am definitely doing it again next year! Math was one subject I had no problem farming out to the computer. The boys and I still end up connecting over their lessons here and there, but I am not the primary teacher anymore.


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