It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria, Part I

The minute I saw this link on Abraham’s blog last week, I knew I had a story for you.

First, watch.

Funny, right? And good for Elton for being a good sport.

There was a time — long, long ago — that my husband was that man in the audience.  But that time around, it was a different piano player, and a slightly different thing happened.

Let’s back up for a second.  Throughout his teenage and college years, my dear husband was a full-fledged fan of Billy Joel.  Weirdly, I was too, even though my favorite music of his was older than I was, from records I got from our town library.

But David knew every word of every obscure song ever written.  I must out him and tell you that there is in fact a “Storm Front” tour t-shirt upstairs in our room as I write these lines.  He listened for hours and deeply analyzed the lyrics of songs like “Summer:  Highland Falls” and “Miami 2017.”

So even though he had escaped this phase by the time graduate school rolled around, David was excited to find out that his school would be hosting Billy Joel for an event called “An Evening of Questions and Answers… And a Little Music.”  (Look, I’m such a nerd, I googled it)  Audience members would be allowed to ask questions of Mr. Joel while he was onstage with his piano.

Well.  You can imagine the brain-racking that went on for David.  What do you say to a music hero?  Which one of the ten thousand questions do you pick, and how do you ask it without seeming like an idiot?  What to do, what to do?!

Naturally, being the organized (?!) man that he is, David carefully selected a question and wrote it down so as not to forget it.  He wrote it on the back of an envelope.

The night of the concert arrived.  David took his seat in the first row of the balcony in Alden Hall.  The show began.  David sat patiently clutching his envelope, waiting for his turn to the microphone.  Finally, the moment arrived.  Hundreds of eyes turned his way as the spotlight searched him out.  As the usher reached out and handed him the microphone…


(to be continued)

5 thoughts on “It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria, Part I

  1. I was there for this!!!! I sat out with Dave overnight to get tickets and I was sitting beside him in the balcony when he asked the question!!! can't wait to read the rest :)(speaking of which, tell Dave I thought of him on Sunday when our family was eating at Friendly's and the waitress asked me if I was interested in Munchie Mania)


  2. @Laura…I am surprised you haven't heard this one before. It's one of our favorites!@Bryan…hi! Wow, I had no idea you were there. Feel free to chime in with more details as the story plays out. I'll pass along the Munchine Mania message. Highland Street isn't the same without you guys lurking around that Friendly's.


  3. @ AllJust in case:1. You don't know the lyrics of every Billy Joel song, or 2. You didn't go to the song lyrics linked, You should know that the title of this entry is the last line of each verse in Summer Highland Falls.Great Song.@ BryGood times over the Munchie "MADNESS"!!!


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