Musical Weekend

Back a few months ago I told you that it was my greatest joy in folk music fandom to hear Ellis Paul play at Club Passim in Harvard Square.

But on Thursday night, I think that was surpassed…

Andy Gullahorn played in our living room.
It doesn’t get any better than that.
Some folks who came were friends; some were strangers.  One family (an older couple and a younger couple) that showed up was from Meck, the church that hosts the Behold the Lamb concert each year.  The husband of that younger couple is the worship leader at Meck.  He didn’t know where he was going when he got in the car with his family.  They pulled up outside our house and informed him that they were attending a house concert.  He’s a big Gully fan so he was giddy.  It was really nice to have them and others who appreciate an intimate evening of great music and conversation.
As much as I love the music, I like the conversation just as much — I love hearing where the music and lyrics are coming from. 
So the next night we were on to an Andrew Peterson show with everyone in tow (the kids sat out the house show).  Lovely.  Encouraging.  I’m so glad these guys are using their gifts for the Lord’s glory and letting the rest of us listen in.
Some more pictures:
Andrew Peterson
…and The Captains Courageous
(that’s Ben Shive with his back to us)
Playing Angry Birds after the concert with Andy G.
We love Andrew Peterson!

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  1. Andy G's story telling is amazing, and I am glad that the more intimate venue gave way to longer stories.Other highlights of the weekend were when Andy P wove Rich Mullens and Paul Simon into his concert. Mmmmm…Graaaacelaaaaand.


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