Over the weekend David and I sat down and finally watched the movie that’s been sitting on our TV cabinet for close to two months: Once.

It’s a shame that the description lists it as a “musical,” because the term summons up images quite different than what you get in this movie.  Yes, about sixty percent of the movie is music, but there are no spinning parasols or dance routines.

I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s on my list of favorites for certain.

You probably know one of the songs from the movie, which won the Oscar for Best Original Song:  “Falling Slowly.”

Disclaimer:  this is an Irish flick, and the language is pretty salty.

4 thoughts on “Once

  1. i am so glad you saw this movie. I was thinking about it this week, actually, even though I haven't seen it since my Charlotte days. When Matt and I were first hanging out somehow the movie came up and I told him how Erin and I figured out how to play it together . . . and he said, "yeah, my brother and I played that song, too." And I said, "Really? What do you play?" And he said "We switch back and forth." And I said, "Really?" But what I was thinking was, "I think I'm in love." And that's the truth.


  2. One of my favorite movies of all time…And I didn't cry.We could have owned the movie multiple times over for as many Netflix monthly payments we made while it sat around. That got my eyes a little watery a few times.


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