This boy:

  • celebrated his second birthday two weeks after his little brother was born
  • is the tallest
  • is the loudest
  • is the only one with freckles
  • pulls his hair when he’s nervous
  • can make his mother feel better when she’s stressed
  • is almost done with third grade
  • may get by without braces since he’s missing two adult teeth
  • was the most tiring newborn (he had terrible reflux)
  • is one of four Bens in his cub scout den (including one leader)
  • enjoys pretty much everything he does

2 thoughts on “Nine

  1. Well, amongst my four sons ~~ I , too, gave birth on this day to my third son Evan ~~ who is 22 today. He , too , can make me feel better when I'm stressed! He used to calm the whole family down when we were leaving for basketball games of his older two brothers !Happy Birthday !


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