One Thousand Gifts 6.06.11

( I really loved Ann’s post today.  If you have been in my home, you know I have a soft spot for fresh flowers and her reflections and photography were a perfect blend of beauty.)

101. 34 years yesterday. Hello, mid-thirties.

102. Siblings

103. Hidden gems

104. Head tilts

105. Ice cream cones

106.Cub scouts

107. Pink sunglasses and bed heads

108. Boys’ birthday party at the movies

109. Strawberry picking (it was quite bright that day…can you tell?)

110. My mother’s day breakfast, complete with chocolate covered strawberries

111. This moment, and the fact that I took a picture

112. My mother’s day/birthday gift…an upgrade from my wedding present so long ago (no, it’s not the children…I already had them)