Oh Boy! (with bonus home updates commentary)

Today I am going to show you some pictures taken by my friend Heather of a shower I threw for our friend Erin (who just so happens to be Heather’s sister-in-law).  It was a great day!  When these pictures went up on facebook a while back, our friend Erica commented that we had made a lot of changes to our house since she’d been there.  I realized I hadn’t blogged most of those, so I’ll insert that commentary as we go along, too.

Hello, welcome to the shower, I am your awkward head-tilting hostess, Kelly.  Now I know where my children get it from.
(Notice the kitchen walls are now blue. 
I also feel compelled to tell you that I have chopped off my hair since this photo was taken)

Please have a seat alongside the guest of honor (in black) and play our baby word game.
(New white leather couch was a find on craigslist.  New gray area rug was a bargain at Ollie’s right before I hosted the house concert and decided that the five dollar yard sale rug wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  There is a photo collage on the wall under the stairs.)
Quick, look at the cute banner because if you touch it, it will fall apart.
(New wall color in main living area/entryway/everywhere — Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay.  I love this color and never want to live without it.  However I am too cheap to buy SW paint so I took the swatch to Walmart and they matched it for me.)
Yum, food.
Owl cake pops and pink lemonade.

I promise she wanted to eat the strawberry.  I did not make her.
An update since this event…Erin gave birth to Haddon Abraham on May 18th.  Happy one month, little man!

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  1. erin

    Yay! Love it. Perhaps I'll just link to your blog rather than eventually posting on mine?? p.s. world, kelly truly has mad hosting skills.


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