One Thousand Gifts 7.11.11

I knew when I started doing these posts that there was no way I would be faithful to do them every Monday.  I know better than to expect perfection from myself!  But I do enjoy them.

Counting more blessings this week:

113.  a safe trip to the midwest to visit family
114. Rowdy card games with siblings, parents, niece, and children.  Indiana’s game is Euchre — they look placid enough here, but it got quite loud towards the end.

115. fireworks
116. health and strength
117. waterslides
118. cousins together
119. a double date with my in-laws — mexican food
120. time to read
121. kids who laugh out loud at Garrison Keillor.
122. another baby shower
123. a California friend, come to stay for a bit
124. eating in the big booth at the Diamond
125. watching the jukebox work with Andrew